Rotary Screen Printing

In basic operation, rotary screen and flat screen-printing machines are very similar.  Both use the same type of in-feed device,  glue trough, rotating blanket (print table), dryer, and fixation equipment.  The process involves initially feeding fabric onto the rubber blanket.  As the fabric travels under the rotary screens, the screens turn with the fabric.  Print paste is continuously fed to the interior of the screen through a color bar  or pipe.  As the screen rotates, the squeegee device pushes print paste through the design areas of the screen onto the fabric.  As in flat-bed screen printing, only one color can be printed by each screen.  After print application, the process is the same as flat screen printing.

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Rotary screen printing is so named because it uses a cylindrical screen that rotates in a fixed position rather than a flat screen that is raised and lowered over the same print location. Rotary presses place the squeegee within the screen. These machines are designed for roll-to-roll (web) printing on flexible materials ranging from narrow web films to wide-format roll textiles.

In rotary printing, the web travels at a consistent speed between the screen and a steel or rubber impression roller immediately below the screen. (The impression roller serves the same function as the press bed on a flatbed press.) As the web passes through the rotary unit, the screen spins at a rate that identically matches the speed of substrate movement.

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